Ted Coleman Band ‎– Taking Care of Business (1980)

Taking Care of Business is an album by American jazz-funk/soulsters the Ted Coleman Band, released in 1980 on JSR Records.

“Due Consideration” is marked by rising/falling 3rds within a two-chord (G/Cm) verse sequence. An octave bassline/hi-hat slide accents the chordal arc (E♭/Dm/Gm) of the bridge. The verse theme is reimagined with an enveloped guitar solo, followed by a tingle-toned vibraphone break over both sections. A reprise of the track carries out side one, minus the low-key vocals.

“If We Took the Time (Where Do We Go From Here)” starts on vibe encircled half-step (Dm/Cm) with subtle wah-wah chording. Sunny synth tones beam amid Coleman’s laidback vocals. A vibe solo elongates the mid-section over chordal peaks and valleys (Gmaj7/Cm). During the cocktail guitar break that follows, tight notes alternate with bendy sustains over a samba-like rhythmic pattern.

Vibe-accented sunray synths herald “Sweet Bird,” which revolves around a three-chord sequence (Em/F#/B). A warm, fuzzy guitar solo graces the track midway over Latinized rhythmic touches. The arrangement is comparable to “Moonlight Feels Right” by Starbuck.

Naked, glowing vibes over a G/A♭ half-step summons “What a Lovely Way To Spend a Lifetime,” a samba-soul number that shuffles through a sequence of maj7 keys. A clean, scaly guitar tone emphasizes the track’s penultimate section.

A mambo undercurrent drives “Samba De” through a sprightly sequence of maj7-soaked flats (E♭/B/A♭/E) in the verse, bisected by a brisk two-chord passage (Gm/Cm) in the bridge. The percussive layers become evermore dense as the track nears its climax.

On Taking Care of Business, the remote micing of select instruments and Coleman’s low-key vocals recall the seminal works of Shuggie Otis. Style-wise, the vibe-laden arrangements and soft, sunny mood of the tracks are comparable to prime Roy Ayers.

A1. “Can You Feel It” (6:10)
A2. “Due Consideration” (5:02)
A3. “If We Took the Time (Where Do We Go From Here)” (5:24)
A4. “Due Consideration Interlude” (3:15)
B1. “Sweet Bird” (5:00)
B2. “What a Lovely Way To Spend a Lifetime” (6:38)
B3. “Samba De” (7:42)

Arranged By, Design [Cover Logo], Liner Notes, Lyrics By, Mixed By, Music By, Percussion [Vibes], Piano, Producer, Strings, Synthesizer, Vocals – Ted Coleman
Bass Guitar [Fender] – Tim Tindall
Bongos – Albert “Ali” Reyes
Congas – David Stone
Drums – Al Woods Jr., David Nuding (A3, A4)
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – George Naha
Rhythm Guitar – Ethan Rips

Engineer – Tracy Dell
Engineer, Mixed By – Tom Elliott

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