Tavares ‎– Hard Core Poetry (1974)

Hard Core Poetry is the second album by New England soul combo the Tavares, released in 1974 on Capitol.

A1. “Someone to Come Home To” (3:15)
A2. “She’s Gone” (3:38)
A3. “My Ship” (3:26)
A4. “Leave It Up to the Lady” (3:30)
A5. “To Love You” (4:02)
B1. “Too Late” (4:26)
B2. “Remember What I Told You to Forget” (4:10)
B3. “What You Don’t Know” (3:54)
B4. “Hard Core Poetry” (4:23)

Dennis Lambert — producer, keyboards, writer
Brian Potter — producer, percussion, writer
Michael Omartian — keyboards, arranger, conductor
Wilton Felder — bass
Scott Edwards — bass
Ed Greene — drums
Larry Carlton — guitar
Dean Parks — guitar
Ben Benay — guitar
Gary Coleman — percussion
Sid Sharp — concertmaster
The Boogie Symphony — strings
Joe Sidore — recording engineer
Larkin Arnold — executive producer

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