Tangerine Dream ‎– Rubycon (1975)

Rubycon is the sixth chronological studio album by German electronic trio Tangerine Dream, released in 1975 on Virgin.

A. “Rubycon (Part I)” (17:18)*
B. “Rubycon (Part II)” (17:35)**

*(:01–6:05 | 6:20–15:35 |–17:12)
**(:01–4:20 | 4:22–11:45 | 11:46–17:32)

Edgar Froese — organ, Mellotron, guitar, gong, synthesizer
Chris Franke — Moog, gong, synthesizer, organ, prepared piano
Peter Baumann — electric piano, organ, synthesizer, prepared piano

Mick Glossop — engineer
Tangerine Dream — producer
Monique Froese — photography

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