Tamiko Jones ‎– Love Trip (1975)

Love Trip is an album by American soul singer Tamiko Jones, released in 1975 on Arista.

A1. “Touch Me Baby” (2:58)
A2. “Everyone Belongs to Someone” (3:25)
A3. “I’m the Woman Behind the Man (Playing the Guitar in the Band)” (3:40)
A4. “Just You and Me” (3:25)
A5. “Just Sitting Around” (2:42)
A6. “Let Me in Your Life” (2:38)
B1. “Creepin’” (3:53)
B2. “Oh How I Love You” (2:37)
B3. “Who Is She (And What Is She to You)” (3:16)
B4. “Read Me Right” (3:40)
B5. “Chili Dog” (3:08)
B6. “A Long Way to Go” (3:31)

Engineer – Jerry Masters, Mickey Buckins, Steve Clark, Steve Melton
Engineer – Jimmy Johnson, Roger Hawkins, Tamiko Jones
Photography – Richard L. Shaefer
Producer – Roger Hawkins (B5), Tamiko Jones (A1 to A5, B1 to B4, B6)

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