Talking Heads ‎– More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978)

More Songs About Buildings and Food is the second album by American New Wave/art-rock band Talking Heads, released in 1978 on Sire.

A1. “Thank You for Sending Me an Angel” (2:11)
A2. “With Our Love” (3:30)
A3. “The Good Thing” (3:03)
A4. “Warning Sign” (3:55)
A5. “The Girls Want to Be With the Girls” (2:37)
A6. “Found a Job” (5:00)
B1. “Artists Only” (3:34)
B2. “I’m Not in Love” (4:33)
B3. “Stay Hungry” (2:39)
B4. “Take Me to the River” (5:00)
B5. “The Big Country” (5:30)

David Byrne — vocals, electric guitar, electronic percussion, songwriting
Chris Frantz — drums, percussion, songwriting
Jerry Harrison — piano, organ, synthesiser, electric guitar, backing vocals
Tina Weymouth — bass, backing vocals

Brian Eno — synthesiser, piano, electric guitar, percussion, backing vocals, producer
Tina & the Typing Pool — backing vocals

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