Talk Talk ‎– The Party’s Over (1982)

The Party’s Over is the debut album by English New Romantic/art-pop band Talk Talk, released in 1982 on EMI.

A1. “Talk Talk” (3:20)
A2. “It’s So Serious” (3:19)
A3. “Today” (3:28)
A4. “The Party’s Over” (6:10)
B1. “Hate” (3:56)
B2. “Have You Heard the News?” (5:05)
B3. “Mirror Man” (3:18)
B4. “Another Word” (3:12)
B5. “Candy” (4:40)

Mark Hollis — vocals
Paul Webb — bass
Lee Harris — drums
Simon Brenner — keyboards

Mike Robinson — mixing
James Marsh — cover art
Bill Smith — design
Colin Thurston — producer, recording engineer

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