Tako ‎– U Vreći za Spavanje (1980)

U Vreći za Spavanje is the second of two albums by Yugoslavian symphonic/space-rock band Tako, released in 1980 on PGP RTB. The label of the original LP presents the nameplate as Grupa “Tako” and certain reissues credit the title as such.

A1. “U vreći za spavanje” (6:00)
A2. “Senke prošlosti” (5:51)
A3. “Na putu ka sebi” (5:04)
B1. “Priče o Leni” (9:54)
B2. “Dolina leptira” (5:27)
B3. “Igra devojčice” (2:32)

CD bonus tracks:
Izgubljeno ništa” (3:58)
Horde mira” (5:04)

Bass, Liner Notes – Dušan Ćućuz
Drums – Slobodan Felekatović
Guitar – Miroslav Dukić
Keyboards, Flute, Harmonica [Harp] – Đorđe Ilijin

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