Syreeta ‎– The Spell (1983)

The Spell is the sixth solo album by American soul vocalist/songwriter Syreeta Wright, released in 1983 on Tamla.

A1. “Forever Is Not Enough” (4:04)
A2. “(You Are) The Spell” (4:07)
A3. “Freedom” (5:54)
A4. “To Know” (6:40)
B1. “Freddie Um Ready” (6:41)
B2. “Once Love Touches Your Life” (4:04)
B3. “Fall Apart” (4:29)
B4. “The Other Me” (4:09)

Syreeta — lead vocals, backing vocals, songwriter
Jermaine Jackson — producer, backing vocals, arranger
Jasper Stone — songwriter, arranger, keyboards, synthesizer
Michael Schuman — engineer, mixing engineer
Stevie Wonder — synthesizer
Paul Jackson, Jr. — guitar
Eddie Brown — congas
Mike Porcaro — bass
Jeff Porcaro — drums
Steve Porcaro — keyboards
Leon “Ndugu” Chancler — drums
Greg Porée — guitar, songwriter
Jerry Peters — keyboards, electric piano
Gene Page — string arrangements
Elliot Willensky — songwriter, piano
Denzil Miller — keyboards
Nathan East — bass
Ollie E. Brown — drums
Sylvester Rivers — electric piano

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