Syreeta ‎– Set My Love in Motion (1981)

Set My Love in Motion is the fifth solo album by American soul vocalist/songwriter Syreeta Wright, released in 1981 on Tamla.

A1. “Quick Slick” (5:25)
A2. “Move It, Do It” (3:55)
A3. “You Set My Love in Motion” (3:29)
A4. “There’s Nothing Like a Woman in Love” (4:24)
A5. “Can’t Shake Your Love” (4:14)
B1. “I Must Be in Love” (3:54)
B2. “Wish Upon a Star” (3:46)
B3. “Out the Box” (5:45)
B4. “I Know the Way to Your Heart” (4:07)
B5. “I Love You” (4:43)

Barry Finnerty, Carlos Rios, David T. Walker, Marlo Henderson, Paul M. Jackson, Jr., Robert Palmer – guitar
Nathan LaMarr Watts, Romeo Williams – bass
Clarence McDonald, John Barnes, Sylvester Rivers, Todd Cochrane – keyboards
Michael Boddicker, Paul M. Jackson, Jr., Todd Cochrane – synthesizer
Wayne Stalling, William Bryant, Jr. – Moog bass, clavinet, piano, synthesizer
Eddie “Klunis” Summers, James Gadson, Keith Elliott, Ollie E. Brown – drums
Melvin “Melmel” Webb, Ollie E. Brown, Paulinho da Costa – percussion
Gary Herbig, Gerald “Wonderfunk” Albright – saxophone
Andrea Robinson, Jeanette Hawes, Jim Gilstrap, Lynn Davis, Marti McCall, Patti Brooks, Suzanne Coston – backing vocals
Jerry Hey – horn arrangements
Gene Page – string arrangements

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