Sylvia ‎– Sylvia (1976)

Sylvia is the second solo album by American R&B vocalist/producer Sylvia Robinson, released in 1976 on Vibration Records.

A1. “L.A. Sunshine” (3:40)
A2. “You Sure Love to Ball” (5:49)
A3. “He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove” (5:05)
A4. “Next Time That I See You” (4:53)
B1. “Sweet Stuff” (4:24)
B2. “Taxi” (4:07)
B3. “Mr. Bartender” (4:02)
B4. “Standing at the End” (3:45)

Sylvia Robinson — vocals, producer, writer
The Ellington Sisters — backing vocals
Frank “Sweetstuff” Prescod — bass
Jesus Alvarez — bass, writer
Jonathan Williams — bass
Rubens Bassini — congas
Billy Blum — drums
Clarence Oliver — drums
Nick Remo — drums
Bernadette Randle — electric piano, writer
Harry Ray — electric piano, writer
Al Lukas — electric upright bass
Billy Jones — guitar
John Tropea — guitar
Walter Morris — guitar
Kenny Guarino — keyboards
Brian Cuomo — piano, synthesizer
Seldon Powell — saxophone
Irving Spice — strings
Larry Fast — programming

Dudley Thomas — artistic director
Michael Burton — executive producer, writer
Bill King — photography

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