Sylvia – Pillow Talk (1973)

Pillow Talk is the debut solo album by American soul singer Sylvia Robinson, released in 1973 on Vibration.

A1. “Pillow Talk” (4:20)
A2. “Give It Up in Vain” (3:55)
A3. “Sunday” (3:08)
A4. “Don’t Leave Me Starving” (2:51)
A5. “My Thing” (2:45)
B1. “Didn’t I” (3:30)
B2. “Had Any Lately” (2:55)
B3. “Not on the Outside” (6:45)
B4. “Cowards Way Out” (3:15)

Session extras:
If You Get the Notion” (4:08)

Sylvia Robinson — producer, acoustic guitar, mixing, engineer
Michael Burton — producer, mixing, engineer
Sammy Love — piano, electric piano
Frank Prescod — bass
Craig Derry — congas
Yogi Horton — drums
Billy Jones — lead guitar, rhythm guitar

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