Swing Out Sister ‎– It’s Better to Travel (1987)

It’s Better to Travel is the debut album by English sophisti-pop trio Swing Out Sister, released in 1987 on Mercury.

A1. “Breakout” (3:45)
A2. “Twillight World” (6:26)
A3. “After Hours” (4:47)
A4. “Blue Mood” (4:17)
B1. “Surrender” (3:52)
B2. “Fooled by a Smile” (4:03)
B3. “Communion” (4:37)
B4. “It’s Not Enough” (3:40)
B5. “Theme From: It’s Better to Travel” (4:35)

Corrine Drewery — vocals
Andy Connell — keyboards
Martin Jackson — percussion

Swing Out Sister — writer
Paul Staveley O’Duffy — producer
David McIntyre — photography

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