Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Down to Earth (1977)

Down to Earth is a 1977 album by the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver, released in the U.K. on CBS. The album — issued stateside the following year with an altered tracklist — is the brother’s eighth overall and their sixth and final release as a merged entity with rustic rockers Quiver.

A1. “Ice in the Fire” (4:26)
A2. “Dark Ship” (5:37)
A3. “Harbour Light” (4:35)
A4. “Somebody’s Fool” (4:18)
A5. “Fun of the Farm” (5:02)
B1. “Every Tear I Cry” (4:20)
B2. “Situations” (4:18)
B3. “Oh Woman” (4:00)
B4. “Rock ‘n’ Roll People” (4:00)
B5. “Where Lies Your Soul” (5:11)

Drums – Willie Wilson
Guest, Bass [Fender] – Andy Pyle, Rick Wills
Guest, Keyboards – John “Rabbit” Bundrick
Guest, Lead Guitar – Mick Grabham, Ray Flacke, Tim Renwick
Guest, Percussion – Brian Bennett, John Shearer
Vocals, Guitar – Gavin Sutherland, Iain Sutherland

Producer – Bruce Welch

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