Supertramp – Brother Where You Bound (1985)

Brother Where You Bound is the eighth studio album by English rockers Supertramp, released in 1985 on A&M. It was their first album as a four-piece after the departure of co-founder Roger Hodgson. The opening track and lead-off single, “Cannonball,” became a crossover dance hit. The album’s title piece is a 16-minute multi-movement epic inspired by Cold War themes with guest guitarists David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy). Its release was accompanied with a doomsday drama mini-film.

A1. “Cannonball” (7:38)
A2. “Still In Love” (4:36)
A3. “No Between” (4:36)
A4. “Better Days” (6:15)
B1. “Brother Where You Bound” (16:30)
B2. “Ever Open Door” (3:06)

Rick Davies – keyboards, lead vocals
John Helliwell – saxophones
Dougie Thomson – bass
Bob Siebenberg – drums

David Gilmour – guitar solos on “Brother Where You Bound”
Scott Gorham – rhythm guitar on “Brother Where You Bound”
Marty Walsh – guitar on “Cannonball”, “Better Days”, “Brother Where You Bound”, solo on “Still in Love”
Doug Wintz – trombone on “Cannonball”
Cha Cha – backing vocals on “Still in Love”
Brian Banks – Synclavier programming
Anthony Marinelli – Synclavier programming
Gary Chang – Fairlight & PPG programming
Scott Page – flute on “Better Days” and “Brother Where You Bound”

Producers: David Kershenbaum, Supertramp
Engineer: Norman Hall
Assistant engineer: Steve Crimmel
Mixing: Mark Ettel
Mixing assistant: Steve McMillan
Mastering: Bob Ludwig
Remastering: Greg Calbi, Jay Messina
Track engineer: Allen Sides
Programming: Gary Chang
Synclavier programming: Brian Banks, Anthony Marinelli
Art direction: Norman Moore
Design: Norman Moore
Tray photo: Tom Gibson

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