Super Freego ‎– Pourquoi Es-Tu Si Méchant? (1982)

Pourquoi Es-Tu Si Méchant? is the singular album by French avant-garde/New Wave band Super Freego, released in 1982 on RCA.

A1. “Yekto le Kreutre” (3:40)
A2. “Il y a” (4:16)
A3. “Tu peux crever” (4:10)
A4. “M’en fous” (3:27)
A5. “Dommage tu avais l’âge” (3:51)
B1. “À la folie” (3:43)
B2. “Rock II (Pour une poignée de frites)” (5:11)
B3. “Tentative de courgettes” (2:54)
B4. “Pourquoi es-tu si méchant?” (4:07)

Bass, Vocals – Karaki
Drums, Percussion – Rockez Melendy
Guitar – Max De Pol
Guitar, Keyboards – Hervé Dupon
Percussion – Feed Back
Programmed By [Synthesizers] – Hervé Limretz

Tenor Saxophone – Alain Guillard (A1, A2, A5, B4), Pierre Wekstein (B1, B3)
Trombone – Jérôme Nolin (A1, A2, A5, B4)
Trumpet – Antoine Illouz (B1, B3), Yvon Guillard (A1, A2, A5, B4)
Vocals – M. Skolarczyk
Sleeve – F. Plassat, Vitamine
Engineer – Gérard Weiss
Composed By – Drogat (B3), Karaki, Gohier (A5, B2, B4)

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