Streetmark ‎– Nordland (1976)

Nordland is the debut album by German symphonic-rock band Streetmark, released in 1976 on Sky.

A1. House of Three Windows
—a. “House for Hire” (3:15)
—b. “Green Velvet Curtains” (2:20)
—c. “Eleanor Rigby” (5:20)
A2. “Amleth Saga” (7:10)
A3. “Italian Concert in Rock” (2:30)
B1. Nordland
—a. “Waves and Visions” (2:50)
—b. “Lyster Fjord” (7:24)
—c. “Ladoga” (3:45)
—d. “Reality Airport” (6:20)

CD reissue bonus:
Da Capo” (2:46)

Dorothea Raukes — keyboards
Thomas Schreiber — guitar
Georg Buschmann — vocals
Wolfgang Westphal — bass
Hans Schweiß — drums

Bernd Schreiber — producer
Conny Plank — engineer, producer, writer
Petrus Wippel — assistant engineer

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