Strange Advance ‎– Worlds Away (1982)

Worlds Away is the debut album by Canadian New Wave/synthpop combo Strange Advance, produced by Bruce Fairbairn and released in 1982 on Capitol.

A1. “She Controls Me” (2:56)
A2. “Love Games” (3:47)
A3. “One Chance in a Million” (4:11)
A4. “Sister Radio” (5:20)
A5. “Automatic Sighs” (4:38)
B1. “Worlds Away” (7:01)
B2. “Kiss in the Dark” (3:54)
B3. “Hold on to the Nite” (4:30)
B4. “Watermusic” (0:54)
B5. “Prisoner” (4:14)
B6. “Worlds Away (Reprise)” (1:11)

Darryl Kromm – lead vocals, guitar
Drew Arnott – keyboards, drums, backing vocals, electronic percussion
Paul Iverson – bass, backing vocals
Robert Minden – waterphones

Bruce Fairbairn – producer

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