Stormy Six ‎– L’Apprendista (1977)

L’Apprendista is an album by Italian avant-garde band Stormy Six, released in 1977 on L’ Orchestra.

A1. “Buon lavoro!” (5:45)
A2. “L’apprendista” (5:34)
A3. “Carmine” (5:47)
A4. “Il barbiere” (7:29)
B1. “Cuore” (5:45)
B2. “Il labirinto” (8:15)
B3. “Rosso” (2:56)
B4. “L’orchestra dei fischietti” (6:24)

Leo Dosso — bassoon
Andrea Vicario — cello
Salvatore Garau — drums
Gianfranco Gagliardi — keyboards
Luca Piscicelli — bass, vocals
Renato Rivolta — saxophone
Carlo De Martini — violin, viola, mandolin, acoustic guitar, vocals
Tommaso Leddi — violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Umberto Fiori — vocals, acoustic guitar
Franco Fabbri — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, xylophone, vocals
Stormy Six — producer
Giorgio Albani — sound engineer
Roberto Di Muro Villicich — sound engineer, mixing
Pino Martini — bass
Bruno Fraimini — percussion
Cristina Pederiva — viola

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