Stormy Six ‎– Al Volo (1982)

Al Volo is the eighth and final studio album by Italian avant-garde/art-rock band Stormy Six, released in 1982 on L’Orchestra.

A1. “Non si sa dove stare” (4:52)
A2. “Reparto novità” (4:33)
A3. “Piazza degli Affari” (3:53)
A4. “Ragionamenti” (5:12)
B1. “Panorama” (4:32)
B2. “Roma” (4:38)
B3. “Parole grosse” (4:03)
B4. “Denti” (2:08)
B5. “Cosa danno” (3:34)

Umberto Fiori — vocals, lyrics, producer
Franco Fabbri — electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, acoustic guitar, vibraphone, drum machine, objects, producer, music
Tommaso Leddi — organ, synthesizer, piano, Clavinet, electric guitar, producer, music
Pino Martini — bass, acoustic guitar, producer, music
Salvatore Garau — drums, producer

Gianni Prudente — engineer
Piero Leddi — cover art
Monica Silvestris — design

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