Stomu Yamashta / Steve Winwood / Michael Shrieve ‎– Go (1976)

Go is a collaborative album between Japanese avant-garde/classical percussionist Stomu Yamashta, English jazz-rock/soul keyboardist/vocalist Steve Winwood, and American jazz-funk/rock drummer Michael Shrieve, with contributions from German electronic musician Klaus Schulze and American jazz-rock guitarist Al Di Meola. The album was released in 1976 on Island.

Musically, the album synthesizes various elements of the recent works by the contributing parties, especially the Third Stream exotica that Winwood absorbed through his role on Jade Warrior‘s Waves LP. Shieve’s involvement with the project ran concurrently with his stint in the space/metal/jazz-funk supergroup Automatic Man, which released its self-titled debut album the same year as Go.

A1. “Solitude” (2:57)
A2. “Nature” (2:32)
A3. “Air Over” (2:32)
A4. “Crossing the Line” (4:46)
A5. “Man of Leo” (2:02)
A6. “Stellar” (2:53)
A7. “Space Theme” (3:12)
B1. “Space Requiem” (3:20)
B2. “Space Song” (2:00)
B3. “Carnival” (2:46)
B4. “Ghost Machine” (2:06)
B5. “Surfspin” (2:25)
B6. “Time Is Here” (2:46)
B7. “Winner / Loser” (4:10)

Stomu Yamashta — composer, arranger, synthesizer, percussion, timpani
Steve Winwood — composer, arranger, writer, vocals, piano, electric piano, organ, guitar, synthesizer
Michael Shrieve — drums

Klaus Schulze — synthesizer
Rosko Gee — bass
Thunderthighs — backing vocals
Paul Buckmaster — woodwind arrangements, brass arrangements, string arrangements, producer
Al Di Meola — lead guitar
Pat Thrall — lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Junior Marvin — rhythm guitar
Chris West — rhythm guitar
Bernie Holland — rhythm guitar
Hisako Yamashta — violin, backing vocals
Brother James — congas
Lenox Langton — congas

Phil Brown — engineer
Dennis Mackay — producer
Michael Quartermain — lyrics

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