Stevie Wonder – In Square Circle (1985)

In Square Circle is an album by American soul-funk musician/vocalist Stevie Wonder, released in 1985 on Tamla/Motown.

A1. “Part-Time Lover” (4:09)
A2. “I Love You Too Much” (5:30)
A3. “Whereabouts” (4:17)
A4. “Stranger on the Shore of Love” (5:01)
A5. “Never in Your Sun” (4:07)
B1. “Spiritual Walkers” (5:12)
B2. “Land of La La” (5:14)
B3. “Go Home” (5:18)
B4. “Overjoyed” (3:42)
B5. “It’s Wrong (Apartheid)” (3:29)

Stevie Wonder
drums, synthesizer, vocals, writer, arranger, producer

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