Steven Feigenbaum, Tom Scott – Things are More Like They are Now Than They Ever Were Before (1980)

Things are More Like They are Now Than They Ever Were Before is a collaborative album between avant-garde Maryland musicians Steve Feigenbaum and Tom Scott, released in 1980 on Random Radar.

A1. “And Night Into Day” (3:00)
A2. “The Earbenders” (6:43)
A3. “Cirrus Mist” (2:18)
A4. “A Sunday Drive” (2:33)
A5. “Mountain Thrash” (4:43)
B1. “Things Are More Like They Are Now Than They Ever Were Before” (2:25)
B2. “Egress Gnome Odd” (6:52)
B3. “Guitar Orchestra” (2:40)
B4. “One’s Day: Morning Trash / Semuta Whirlpool / Dust, Evening Rain and Rest” (6:38)
B5. “Traction” (2:52)

Steven Feigenbaum — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, piano, percussion, voice, electronics, tape loops, tape manipulation, composer, arranger, recording engineer, producer
Tom Scott — alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano flute, c flute, piccolo, b flat clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, piano, organ, bass, sound effects, guitar, conch shell, composer, arranger, recording engineer, producer
Colleen Scott — voice, percussion
Liz Enagonio — French horn
Paul Sears — drums
The Guitar Orchestra — ensemble, composer
Greg Yaskovich — guitar
Pepe Abbondanza — guitar
Peter Hoepfner — guitar
Mary Staples — cover art

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