Steve Hillman ‎– From Distant Shores (1983)

From Distant Shores is the debut album by English electronic musician Steve Hillman, self-released as a cassette in 1983 and reissued as a CD-R with bonus tracks in 2009.

A1. “From Distant Shores Part 1” (6:30)
A2. “Chamber of Bells” (2:57)
A3. “Tower of Maxt” (9:18)
A4. “Atlantean Meadows” (3:00)
A5. “Rite of Oscenai” (1:40)
A6. “Jewelled Eye” (2:37)
A7. “From Distant Shores Part 2” (2:40)
B1. “Vortex” (8:46)
B2. “Moonflow” (3:00)
B3. “Illuminere 1” (4:14)
B4. “Altair” (6:45)

CD-R bonus tracks:
12. “Fires of Shala” (6:26)
13. “Enetor Valdia” (9:12)
14. “Sonic Portal” (3:45)
15. “Starburst Strata” (5:18)
16. “At the End” (2:23)

Linda Hillman — art, flute (A6)
Steve Hillman — composition, synth (Yamaha, Custom Built), organ, electric piano, drum machine (rhythm unit)

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