Steve Hackett ‎– Spectral Mornings (1979)

Spectral Mornings is the third solo album by English guitarist/composer Steve Hackett, released in 1979 on Charisma/Chrysalis.

A1. “Every Day” (6:14)
A2. “The Virgin and the Gypsy” (4:28)
A3. “The Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere” (2:04)
A4. “Clocks – The Angel of Mons” (4:17)
A5. “The Ballad of the Decomposing Man (Featuring “The Office Party”)” (3:48)
B1. “Lost Time in Córdoba” (4:03)
B2. “Tigermoth” (7:35)
B3. “Spectral Mornings” (6:32)

Steve Hackett — guitar, guitar synth, koto, harmonica, producer, vocals, harmonies
Dik Cadbury — bass, bass pedals, violin, vocals, harmonies
Nick Magnus — keyboards, strings, harpsichord, Clavinet, fender rhodes, mini moog
John Hackett — flute, bamboo flute, bass pedals
John Shearer — drums, percussion
John Acock — producer
Kim Poor — cover art
Pete Hicks — vocals, harmonies

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