Steve Hackett ‎– Please Don’t Touch! (1978)

Please Don’t Touch! is the second solo album by English guitarist/composer Steve Hackett, released in 1978 on Charisma. The title-track was originally offered for Genesis during the recording of his final album with the band, Wind and Wuthering (1976).

A1. “Narnia” (3:55)
A2. “Carry On Up the Vicarage” (3:03)
A3. “Racing in A” (4:53)
A4. “Kim” (2:06)
A5. “How Can I?” (4:28)
B1. “Hoping Love Will Last” (4:04)
B2. “Land of a Thousand Autumns” (1:40)
B3. “Please Don’t Touch” (3:32)
B4. “The Voice of Necam” (3:04)
B5. “Icarus Ascending” (6:06)

Steve Hackett – Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Roland GR-500 Guitar Synthesizer, vocals (A2), backing vocalskeyboards, percussion
John Hackett – flute, piccolo, bass pedals, keyboards
John Acock – keyboards, engineer
James Bradley – percussion
Phil Ehart – drums, percussion
Tom Fowler – bass
Richie Havens – vocals (A5, B5), percussion
Dave Lebolt – keyboards
Hugh Malloy – cello
Graham Smith – violin
Chester Thompson – drums, percussion
Steve Walsh – vocals (A1, A3)
Maria Bonvino – guest female soprano (B1)
Randy Crawford – vocals (B1)
Feydor – vocals (B4)
Dan Owen, Dale Newman – guest vocals (B5)

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