Stephen Dees ‎– Hip Shot (1977)

Hip Shot is an album by American bassist/vocalist/songwriter Stephen Dees, produced by Daryl Hall and released in 1977 on RCA. The project came about through the bassist’s stint in the backing band for Hall & Oates. The liaison bore co-writing fruit in the song “Kerry,” which also appears on the soul/rock duo’s 1976 album Bigger Than Both of Us.

A1. “Counting on You
A2. “Wacky Together
A3. “Kerry
A4. “You Defy the Law of Gravity
B1. “Got My Eyes on You Babe
B2. “Too Close For Comfort
B3. “Out-a My Skin
B4. “Beat the Devil

Stephen Dees — Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Bass [Moog], Piano, Gong
Daryl Hall — Producer, Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Charlie DeChant — Saxophone
Larry Fast — Synthesizer
Todd Sharp — Slide Guitar
Tasha Thomas — Backing Vocals
David Kent — Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Joey Stann — Baritone Saxophone
Steve Shive — Drums
Eddie Zyne — Drums, Temple Block
Ralph Schuckett — Keyboards, Synthesizer
Steve Mele — Lead Guitar
Rubens Bassini — Percussion

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