Stephanie Mills ‎– Stephanie (1981)

Stephanie is the fifth album by American soul/pop vocalist Stephanie Mills, released in 1981 on 20th Century-Fox.

A1. “Winner” (4:50)
A2. “Two Hearts” (4:44)
A3. “Don’t Stop Doin’ What ‘Cha Do” (4:48)
A4. “Top of My List” (3:42)
B1. “I Believe in Love Songs” (4:14)
B2. “Night Games” (5:47)
B3. “My Love’s Been Good to You” (4:12)
B4. “Magic” (5:07)

Stephanie Mills — vocals, writer
Edward Moore — guitar
Hubert Eaves — keyboards
Reggie Lucas — guitar, producer, writer
Mtume — keyboards, producer, writer
Basil Fearrington — bass
Howard King — drums, writer
Brenda White — backing vocals
Luther Vandross — backing vocals
Ullanda McCullough — backing vocals
Tawatha — backing vocals, writer
Jim Dougherty — engineer
Gerry Block — additional engineer
Jay Mark — additional engineer
Matthew Weiner — assistant engineer
Ted Jensen — mastering
Greg Thomas — horn arrangements
Dunn Pearson, Jr. — string arrangements, horn arrangements
Rodney Brown — writer, horn arrangements, string arrangements
Wade Marcus — horn arrangements, string arrangements
Jorge Calandrelli — horn arrangements, string arrangements
Teddy Pendergrass — featured
David Spinozza — acoustic guitar
Warren Bernhardt — keyboards

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