Steely Dan ‎– Aja (1977)

Aja is the sixth album by American jazz-rock/pop band Steely Dan, released in 1977 on ABC Records.

A1. Black Cow (5:07)
A2. Aja (7:56)
A3. Deacon Blues (7:26)
B1. Peg (3:58)
B2. Home at Last (5:31)
B3. I Got the News (5:03)
B4. Josie (4:30)

Donald Fagen — synthesizer, whistle, backing vocals, lead vocals, liner notes, songwriter
Walter Becker — guitar, bass, solo, photography, liner notes, songwriter

Michael McDonald — backing vocals
Sherlie Matthews — backing vocals
Tom Scott — tenor saxophone, Lyricon, horn arrangements
Timothy B. Schmit — backing vocals
Denny Dias — guitar
Chuck Findley — horn, brass
Jim Horn — flute, saxophone
Richard “Slyde” Hyde — trombone
Plas Johnson — flute, saxophone
Jackie Kelso — flute, horn, saxophone
Lou McCreary — brass
Bill Perkins — flute, horn, saxophone
Gary Coleman — percussion
Rebecca Louis — backing vocals
Rick Marotta — drums
Jim Keltner — drums, percussion
Larry Carlton — guitar, solo
Lee Ritenour — guitar
Bernard Purdie — drums
Chuck Rainey — bass
Victor Feldman — electric piano, vibraphone, piano, percussion
Jay Graydon — guitar, solo
Michael Omartian — piano
Don Grolnick — Clavinet
Dean Parks — guitar
Joe Sample — electric piano, Clavinet
Venetta Fields — backing vocals
Clydie King — backing vocals
Paul Griffin — electric piano, backing vocals
Wayne Shorter — tenor saxophone
Steve Khan — guitar
Pete Christlieb — tenor saxophone
Steve Gadd — drums
Paul Humphrey — drums
Ed Greene — drums

Stephen Diener — producer
Gary Katz — producer

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