Steamhammer ‎– MK II (1969)

MK II is the second album by English blues-rock band Steamhammer, released in 1969 on CBS. Subsequent U.S. and German issues of the album bear the title Steamhammer — not to be confused with the band’s self-titled first album, which was issued as Reflection outside the U.K.

A1. “Supposed to Be Free” (5:59)
A2. “Johnny Carl Morton” (4:38)
A3. “Sunset Chase” (3:02)
A4. “Contemporary Chick Con Song” (3:49)
A5. “Turn Around” (3:36)
A6. “6/8 for Amiran” (3:04)
B1. “Passing Through” (5:17)
B2. “Down Along the Grove” (0:47)
B3. “Another Travelling Time” (16:23)
B4. “Fran and Dee Take a Ride” (2:58)

Kieran White — lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, Jew’s harp
Martin Pugh — electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Mick Bradley — drums, congas, percussion
Steve Davy — bass guitar
Steve Jolliffe — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto flute, soprano flute, harpsichord, vocals

Fritz Fryer — producer

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