Stealers Wheel ‎– Ferguslie Park (1973)

Ferguslie Park is the second album by Scottish art-pop/folk combo Stealers Wheel, released in 1973 on A&M. Produced by the legendary writing team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, the band are enriched on this album with an array of woodwinds, keyboards, tuned/untuned percussion, and sundry string instruments.

A1. “Good Businessman” (4:12)
A2. “Star” (2:58)
A3. “Wheelin’” (3:51)
A4. “Waltz (You Know It Makes Sense!)” (2:53)
A5. “What More Could You Want” (3:06)
A6. “Over My Head” (3:58)
B1. “Blind Faith” (2:58)
B2. “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Mind” (4:01)
B3. “Steamboat Row” (2:50)
B4. “Back on My Feet Again” (2:36)
B5. “Who Cares” (3:44)
B6. “Everything Will Turn Out Fine” (3:10)

Gerry Rafferty — guitar, piano, mandolin, kazoo, Acetone organ
Joe Egan — guitar, piano, mandolin, kazoo, Acetone organ
Peter Robinson — piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, pipe organ, synthesizer, chimes
Gary Taylor — bass, mini moog
Joe Jammer — electric guitar
Andrew Steele — drums, tambourine, congas, triangle, chimes, maracas, wood blocks, cowbell, claves, bones
Bernie Holland — electric guitar
Chris Heale — harmonica
Chris Mercer — tenor saxophone
Corky Hale — harp
Steve Gregory — saxophone
Jerry Leiber — producer
Mike Stoller — producer, electric harpsichord, horn arrangements
Phill Brown — engineer
Rhett Davies — assistant engineer
Bob Ludwig — mastering
Richard Hewson — string arrangements

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