Starcastle ‎– Starcastle (1976)

Starcastle is the 1976 debut album by the American sextet of the same name. The music is noted for its contrapuntal density among the instrumentalists, each of whom are rendered with tonal clarity by Tommy Vicari’s state-of-the-art production. Side one is dominated by the anthemic “Forces” and the multisectional epic “Lady of the Lake” while the flip is bookended with the astral-themed instrumentals “Stargate” and “Nova.”


A1. “Lady of the Lake” (10:26)
A2. “Elliptical Seasons” (4:27)
A3. “Forces” (6:25)
B1. “Stargate” (2:54)
B2. “Sunfield” (7:36)
B3. “To the Fire Wind” (5:16)
B4. “Nova” (2:35)

Terry Luttrell – lead vocals
Matthew Stewart – backing vocals, electric guitar
Stephen Hagler – backing vocals, electric guitar
Gary Strater – backing vocals, bass guitar, Moog Taurus
Herb Schildt – piano, synthesizer, organ
Stephen Tassler – backing vocals, drums, percussion

Norm Kinney – producer, engineer
Tommy Vicari – producer, engineer
Alex Ebel – artwork


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