Stanley Clarke – School Days (1976)

School Days is the fourth solo album by American jazz-rock bassist Stanley Clarke, released in 1976 on Epic/Nemperor.

A1. “School Days” (7:50)
A2. “Quiet Afternoon” (5:05)
A3. “The Dancer” (5:23)
B1. “Desert Song” (6:53)
B2. “Hot Fun” (2:50)
B3. “Life Is Just a Game” (9:00)

Stanley Clarke – electric bass guitar (A1,A3,B2,B3), vocals (A1,B3), handbells (A1), acoustic piano (A2,A3), piccolo bass guitar (A2,A3,B3), humming (A3), acoustic bass (B1,B3), gong (B3), chimes (B3), arranger, conductor, producer
George Duke – keyboards (B3)
Ray Gomez – electric guitar (A1,A3,B2), rhythm guitar (A3)
Icarus Johnson – acoustic guitar (B3), electric guitar (B3)
John McLaughlin – acoustic guitar (B1)
David Sancious – keyboards (A1), Minimoog (A2,A3), organ (A3), electric guitar (B2)
Gerry Brown – drums (A1,A3), handbells (A1)
Billy Cobham – drums (B3), Moog 1500 (B3)
Steve Gadd – drums (A2,B2)
Milt Holland – percussion (A3), triangle (B1)
Tom Malone & Dave Taylor – trombone
Jon Faddis, Alan Rubin & Lew Soloff – trumpet
Earl Chapin, John Clark, Peter Gordon & Wilmer Wise – horns
Al Aarons, Stewart Blumberg, George Bohanon, Buddy Childers, Robert Findley, Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Jack Nimitz, William Peterson, Dalton Smith – brass
Marilyn Baker, Thomas Buffum, David Campbell, Rollice Dale, Robert Dubow, Janice Gower, Karen Jones, Dennis Karmazyn, Gordon Marron, Lya Stern, Ron Strauss, Marcia Van Dyke & John Wittenberg – strings

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