Stackridge ‎– The Man in the Bowler Hat (1974)

The Man in the Bowler Hat is the third album from English music-hall sextet Stackridge, released in 1974 on MCA.

A1. “Fundamentally Yours” (2:37)
A2. “Pinafore Days” (2:37)
A3. “The Last Plimsoll” (4:31)
A4. “To the Sun and the Moon” (2:55)
A5. “The Road to Venezuela” (4:52)
B1. “The Galloping Gaucho” (2:48)
B2. “Humiliation” (3:34)
B3. “Dangerous Bacon” (2:44)
B4. “The Indifferent Hedgehog” (3:16)
B5. “God Speed the Plough” (5:29)

Andy Cresswell-Davis – guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion
James Warren – guitars, vocals
Michael ‘Mutter’ Slater – flute, vocals, keyboards, percussion
Mike Evans – violin, vocals
Jim “Crun” Walter – bass guitar
Billy Bent (aka Billy Sparkle) – drums

Reg Leopold – violin (A4)
William Reid – violin (A4)
Scott – viola (A4)
Vivian Joseph – cello (A4)
Jack Emblow – accordion (A5)
Ray Davies – trumpet/cornet (A5)
Derek Taylor – french horn (A5) and solo on “To the Sun and the Moon”
B. Lamb – trombone (A5)
M. Fry – tuba (A5)
R. Chamberlain – clarinet/saxes (A5)
Andy Mackay – sax on “Dangerous Bacon”
George Martin – production, orchestration and piano on “Humiliation” and “The Indifferent Hedgehog”

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