Squeeze ‎– Sweets from a Stranger (1982)

Sweets from a Stranger is the fifth album by English New Wave band Squeeze, released in 1982 on A&M.

A1. “Out of Touch” (3:53)
A2. “I Can’t Hold On” (3:36)
A3. “Points of View” (4:15)
A4. “Stranger Than the Stranger on the Shore” (3:19)
A5. “Onto the Dance Floor” (3:39)
A6. “When the Hangover Strikes” (4:32)
B1. “Black Coffee in Bed” (6:16)
B2. “I’ve Returned” (2:36)
B3. “Tongue Like a Knife” (4:12)
B4. “His House Her Home” (3:25)
B5. “The Very First Dance” (3:18)
B6. “The Elephant Ride” (3:23)

Chris Difford — vocals, guitar, writer
Glenn Tilbrook — vocals, guitar, writer
Don Snow — keyboards, backing vocals
John Bentley — bass
Gilson Lavis — drums

Phil McDonald — producer

Further 1982 recording (included on Singles – 45’s and Under):
Annie Get Your Gun” (3:22)

Glenn Tilbrook — vocals
Chris Difford — backing vocals
Alan Tarney — guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, production

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