Spooky Tooth ‎– The Mirror (1974)

The Mirror is the seventh album by English hard-rock band Spooky Tooth, released in 1974 on Goodear/Island.


A1. “Fantasy Satisfier” (4:37)
A2. “Two Time Love” (3:30)
A3. “Kyle” (3:46)
A4. “Woman and Gold” (3:46)
A5. “Higher Circles” (5:23)
B1. “Hell or High Water” (5:07)
B2. “I’m Alive” (4:12)
B3. “The Mirror” (5:21)
B4. “The Hoofer” (3:57)

Gary Wright — lead vocals, backing vocals, piano, Clavinet, moog synthesizer, producer
Mick Jones — guitar, percussion, backing vocals, producer
Mike Patto — lead vocals, backing vocals, electric piano, drums, percussion, Clavinet, organ
Bryson Graham — drums, percussion
Val Burke — bass guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

Eddie Kramer — engineer

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