Split Enz ‎– Mental Notes (1975)

Mental Notes is the debut album by kiwi art-rock septet Split Enz, released Down Under in 1975 on Mushroom Records.

A1. “Walking Down a Road” (5:26)
A2. “Under the Wheel” (7:49)
A3. “Amy (Darling)” (5:17)
A4. “So Long for Now” (3:18)
B1. “Stranger Than Fiction” (6:58)
B2. “Time for a Change” (3:46)
B3. “Maybe” (2:59)
B4. “Titus” (3:12)
B5. “Spellbound” (4:59)
B6. “Mental Notes” (0:33)

Tim Finn — vocal, piano
Phil Judd — vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
Eddie Rayner — piano, Mellotron, synthesizer, organ, Clavinet, electric piano
Wally Wilkinson — lead guitar
Jonathan Michael Chunn — piano
Emlyn Crowther — drums
Noel Crombie — percussion

David Russell — production

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1 thought on “Split Enz ‎– Mental Notes (1975)

  1. Found this: “Split Enz is a strange band. They walk out on stage like a collection of clockwork scarecrows and their music is like a beserk mechanism. There are six musicians, a spoon player cum dancer and a sound effects guy. And everyone of ’em follows their own line of idiosyncratic action. Rhythms and melodies bounce off each other, collide, join hands, change partners – the show just about always teeters on the edge of total anarchy – and sometimes it falls off altogether.” (Anthony O’Grady, Rock Australia, 1975).

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