Spirit – The Family That Plays Together (1968)

The Family That Plays Together is the second album by Californian psych rockers Spirit, released in 1968 on CBS/Ode.

A1. “I Got a Line on You” (2:39)
A2. “It Shall Be” (3:24)
A3. “Poor Richard” (2:31)
A4. “Silky Sam” (4:57)
A5. “The Drunkard” (2:27)
A6. “Darlin If” (2:27)
B1. “All the Same” (4:41)
B2. “Jewish” (3:23)
B3. “Dream Within a Dream” (3:13)
B4. “She Smiled” (2:30)
B5. “Aren’t You Glad” (5:25)

Jay Ferguson — vocals, percussion, writer
Randy California — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, writer
Mark Andes — bass, vocals
Ed Cassidy — drums, vocals, writer
John Locke — keyboards, writer

Marty Paich — string arrangements, horn arrangements
Marshall Blonstein — speaker
Lou Adler — producer

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