Sparks ‎– Propaganda (1974)

Propaganda is the fourth album by American art-pop duo Sparks, released in November 1974 on Island.

A1. “Propaganda” (0:20)
A2. “At Home, at Work, at Play” (3:07)
A3. “Reinforcements” (3:57)
A4. “BC” (2:10)
A5. “Thanks but No Thanks” (4:11)
A6. “Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her” (3:00)
B1. “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth” (2:28)
B2. “Something for the Girl With Everything” (2:11)
B3. “Achoo” (3:32)
B4. “Who Don’t Like Kids” (3:34)
B5. “Bon Voyage” (4:50)

Alabamy Right
Marry Me

Ron Mael — songwriter, keyboards
Russell Mael — songwriter, vocals
Adrian Fisher — guitar
Dinky Diamond — drums
Ian Hampton — bass
Trevor White — guitar

Muff Winwood — producer

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