Sparks ‎– Indiscreet (1975)

Indiscreet is the fifth album by American art-pop duo Sparks, released in 1975 on Island.

A1. “Hospitality on Parade” (3:58)
A2. “Happy Hunting Ground” (3:44)
A3. “Without Using Hands” (3:19)
A4. “Get in the Swing” (4:00)
A5. “Under the Table With Her” (2:19)
A6. “How Are You Getting Home?” (2:56)
B1. “Pineapple” (2:42)
B2. “Tits” (4:56)
B3. “It Ain’t 1918” (2:05)
B4. “The Lady Is Lingering” (3:40)
B5. “In the Future” (2:13)
B6. “Looks, Looks, Looks” (2:32)
B7. “Miss the Start, Miss the End” (2:46)

B-sides/session extras:
Tearing this Place Apart
Gone With the Wind

Russell Mael — songwriter, vocals
Ron Mael — songwriter, keyboards
Dinky Diamond — drums
Ian Hampton — bass
Trevor White — guitar

Tony Visconti — producer, orchestral arrangements
Mike Piggot — fiddle

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