Sparks ‎– A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing (1972)

A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing is the second album by American art-pop band Sparks, released in 1972 on Bearsville. The album is the second and last to feature the original quintet-lineup with the Mankey brothers and drummer Harley Feinstein. All subsequent releases would feature the Mael brothers with assorted backing players.

A1. “Girl From Germany” (3:26)
A2. “Beaver O’Lindy” (3:44)
A3. “Nothing Is Sacred” (5:31)
A4. “Here Comes Bob” (2:09)
A5. “Moon Over Kentucky” (4:08)
B1. “Do Re Mi” (3:38)
B2. “Angus Desire” (3:25)
B3. “Underground” (2:59)
B4. “The Louvre” (5:04)
B5. “Batteries Not Included” (0:47)
B6. “Whippings and Apologies” (5:05)

Russell Mael — vocals
Ron Mael — keyboards
Earle Mankey — guitar
Jim Mankey — guitar, bass
Harley Feinstein — drums

Thaddeus James Lowe — producer

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1 thought on “Sparks ‎– A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing (1972)

  1. “They used to open with “I Like Girls” [later recorded for Big Beat] at the Whiskey A Go Go in ’72…It was suppose to be on the fourth LP but the split with the Mankey brothers put the song on hold….with other great tunes such as “She’s Getting Funnier” and “We Make Great Pets”…man I wish there was demos to those tunes….” – JustineLaLoba, YouTube

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