South Shore Commission ‎– South Shore Commission (1975)

South Shore Commission is the sole longplayer by the long-running soul/funk septet the South Shore Commission, released in 1975 on Wand Records.

A1. “Handle With Care” (5:53)
A2. “Before You’re Gone” (4:39)
A3. “I’d Rather Switch Than Fight” (3:47)
A4. “Free Man” (7:21)
B1. “We’re on the Right Track” (4:50)
B2. “Just a Matter of Time” (4:36)
B3. “A Train Called Freedom” (5:16)
B4. “Any Day Now” (6:16)

Producer – Bunny Sigler (A1, A4, B2, B3)
Producer – Dick Griffey (A2, A3, B4)
Producer – Norman Harris, Stan Watson (B1)

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