Sortilège ‎– Métamorphose (1984)

Métamorphose is the first of two full-length albums by French metal band Sortilège, released in 1984 on Devil’s Records.

A1. “D’ailleurs” (2:32)
A2. “Majesté” (4:50)
A3. “Hymne à la mort” (5:30)
A4. “Légende” (2:45)
A5. “Nuit des limbes” (2:25)
B1. “Civilisation perdue” (2:12)
B2. “Délire d’un fou” (5:25)
B3. “Cyclope de l’étang” (3:58)
B4. “Métamorphose” (4:38)

Christian Augustin — vocals
Stéphane Dumont — lead guitar
Didier Dumajean — guitar
Daniel Lapp — bass
Bob Snake — drums

Peter Lat — producer
Philippe Druillet — cover art

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