Sonny Fortune ‎– Long Before Our Mothers Cried (1974)

Long Before Our Mothers Cried is the debut headlining album by American post-bop/jazz saxophonist Sonny Fortune, released in 1974 on Strata-East.

A1. “Long Before Our Mothers Cried” (14:52)
A2. “A Tribute to a Holiday (Billie)” (6:01)
B1. “Sound of Silents” (8:58)
B2. “Five for Trane” (6:28)
B3. “Wayneish” (6:45)

Sonny Fortune — alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, producer, writer
Charles Sullivan — trumpet
Stanley Cowell — electric piano, piano
Wayne Dockery — bass
Chipper Lyles — drums
Angel Allende — congas, triangle, tambourine
Papaito — bass drum, timbales
Richard “Pablo” Landrum — cowbells, shaker
John Battiloro — engineer
Ron Carran — engineer

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