Som Imaginário ‎– Matança do Porco (1973)

Matança do Porco is the third and final studio album by Brazilian samba/jazz-pop band Som Imaginário, released in 1973 on Odeon.

A1. “Armina” (5:46)
A2. “A 3” (3:11)
A3. “Armina (vinheta 1)” (0:45)
A4. “A Nº 2” (6:41)
B1. “A matança do porco” (11:08)
B2. “Armina (vinheta 2)” (0:33)
B3. “Bolero” (3:11)
B4. “Mar azul” (3:48)
B5. “Armina (vinheta 3)” (0:45)

Wagner Tiso — piano, electric piano, organ, composer, arranger
Luíz Alves — electric bass, composer
Robertinho Silva — drums, tumbadora, composer
Fredera — guitar
Tavito — 12 string guitar, composer
Chiquito Braga — guitar
Chico Batera — percussion
Danilo Caymmi — flute
Orquestra Odeon — orchestra
Arthur Verocai — conductor
Lindolpho Gaya — conductor
Milton Nascimento — vocals
Golden Boys — backing vocals
Milton Miranda — producer

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