Solution – Cordon Bleu (1975)

Cordon Bleu is the third album by Dutch jazz-rock/soul band Solution, released in 1975 on Rocket.

A1. “Chappaqua” (10:35 — :01–5:11–10:27)
A2. “Third Line Part 1” (1:38)
A3. “Third Line Part 2” (5:44)
A4. “A Song For You” (3:55)
B1. “Whirligig” (9:03)
B2. “Last Detail Part 1” (2:48)
B3. “Last Detail Part 2” (2:43)
B4. “Black Pearl Part 1” (1:14)
B5. “Black Pearl Part 2” (5:01)

Tom Barlage — alto saxophone, percussion, flute, soprano saxophone, backing vocals
Willem Ennes — electric piano, piano, organ, synthesiser
Guus Willemse — bass, electric guitar, backing vocals, lyricist, lead vocals
Hans Waterman — drums
Frankie Fish — backing vocals, lyricist
Michiel Pos — tenor saxophone, acoustic guitar, lyricist

Gus Dudgeon — producer, remixer, engineer
Pat Moran — recording engineer
Phil Dunne — recording engineer
Steve Holroyd — remixer, engineer
Hipgnosis — sleeve design, photography
Richard Evans — typography

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