Solstice – Silent Dance (1984)

Silent Dance is the debut album by English symphonic/folk quintet Solstice, produced by Nigel Mazlyn Jones and released in 1984 on Equinox Records. The album would be the only full-length release of the band’s original 80’s-era run.

A1. “Peace for the New Age” (6:30)
A2. “Earthsong” (6:38)
A3. “Sunrise” (4:16)
A4. “Return of Spring” (5:02)
B1. “Cheyenne” (6:00)
B2. “Brave New World” (7:55)
B3. “Find Yourself” (6:14)

Andy Glass — guitar, backing vocals
Marc Elton — violin, backing vocals, keyboards
Mark Hawkins — bass guitar, bass pedals
Martin Wright — drums, percussion
Sandy Leigh — lead vocals

Martin Higgs — cover design, artwork
Nigel Mazlyn Jones — producer, mixing engineer
Richard Barnett — assistant engineer
Margaret Phillips — Fender Rhodes (A2, B3)

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