Sky ‎– Sky (1979)

Sky is the debut album by the namesake multinational classical/rock supergroup led by Australian guitarist John Williams. The album was released in 1979 on Ariola.

A1. “Westway” (3:37)
A2. “Carrillon” (3:27)
A3. “Danza” (2:57)
A4. “Gymnopedie No.1” (3:40)
A5. “Cannonball” (3:39)
B. “Where Opposites Meet”
-a. Part 1 (3:38)
-b. Part 2 (2:24)
-c. Part 3 (5:28)
-d. Part 4 (5:39)
-e. Part 5 (2:21)

John Williams – acoustic guitars
Francis Monkman – piano, synthesizer, harpsichord
Herbie Flowers – bass guitar
Tristan Fry – drums, percussion
Kevin Peek – electric and acoustic guitars

Producer – Sky, Haydn Bendall, Tony Clark

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