Skids ‎– Days in Europa (1979)

Days in Europa is the second album by Scottish New Wave/Celt rockers the Skids, produced by Bill Nelson and released in 1979 on Virgin. The vacated drummer’s seat is held for this release by Blitz impresario Rusty Egan.

A1. “Animation” (4:27)
A2. “Charade” (4:00)
A3. “Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)” (4:34)
A4. Pros and Cons(3:19)
A5. “Home of the Saved” (4:26)
B1. “Working for the Yankee Dollar” (3:35)
B2. “The Olympian” (3:22)
B3. “Thanatos” (4:02)
B4. “A Day In Europa” (2:56)
B5. “Peaceful Times” (5:00)

Richard Jobson – vocals
Stuart Adamson – guitar, vocals, keyboards
William Simpson – bass guitar, vocals

Rusty Egan – drums
Bill Nelson – keyboards

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