Sister Sledge ‎– We Are Family (1979)

We Are Family is the third album by American soul/funk family act Sister Sledge, released in 1979 on Cotillion. The album was produced by Chic masterminds Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards and bears much of that band’s rhythmic/sonic likeness.

A1. “He’s the Greatest Dancer” (6:04)
A2. “Lost in Music” (4:42)
A3. “Somebody Loves Me” (4:48)
A4. “Thinking of You” (4:20)
B1. “We Are Family” (8:06)
B2. “Easier to Love” (4:55)
B3. “You’re a Friend to Me” (5:20)
B4. “One More Time” (3:07)

Kathy Sledge – lead vocals (A1, A3, A4, B1)
Debbie Sledge – lead vocals (B3)
Joni Sledge – lead vocals (A2, B2)
Kim Sledge – lead vocals (B4)
Nile Rodgers – guitar
Bernard Edwards – bass
Tony Thompson – drums
Robert Sabino – piano, Clavinet
Raymond Jones – keyboards, Fender Rhodes
Andy Schwartz – piano
Sammy Figueroa – percussion
Jon Faddis – trumpet
Ellen Seeling – trumpet
Barry Rogers – trombone
Jean Fineberg – saxophone
Alex Foster – saxophone, flute
Gene Orloff – concert master
Cheryl Hong – strings
Marianne Carroll – strings
Karen Milne – strings
Luther Vandross – backing vocals
Norma Jean Wright – backing vocals
David Lasley – backing vocals
Alfa Anderson – backing vocals
Diva Gray – backing vocals

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