Siouxsie and the Banshees ‎– Kaleidoscope (1980)

Kaleidoscope is the third album by English art-punk/mood rockers Siouxsie and the Banshees, released in 1980 on Polydor. The album is the first of three to feature ex-Magazine guitarist John McGeoch.

A1. “Happy House” (3:52)
A2. “Tenant” (3:41)
A3. “Trophy” (3:19)
A4. “Hybrid” (5:31)
A5. “Clockface” (1:53)
A6. “Lunar Camel” (3:02)
B1. “Christine” (2:59)
B2. “Desert Kisses” (4:15)
B3. “Red Light” (3:21)
B4. “Paradise Place” (4:34)
B5. “Skin” (3:49)

1980 shortplayer:
A. “Israel” (4:40) / B. “Red Over White” (4:30)

Siouxsie — vocals, guitar, finger cymbals, melodica, songwriter, producer
Steven Severin — bass guitar, guitar, vocals, piano, synthesizer, electric sitar, songwriter, producer
Budgie — drums, harmonica, bass, percussion, producer
John McGeoch — guitar, saxophone, farfisa organ, sitar, synthesizer, producer, songwriter

Nigel Gray — producer
Steve Jones — guitar (A5, B4, B5)

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